May 7, 2014

Mexico Caption Contest


As an excuse to delay the release of Mexico, Zynga is offering a Caption Contest. This one is like the others and the rules can be found by clicking on either of the links on the official form and they are also shown below. To submit an entry go here. The winners of the contest will receive 250, 150 or 100 reward points so it may be worth a try. The last day to submit entries is May 11th. Guess X has a parody of the contest on his fan page and it would be fun to read captions that would violate the Zynga rules.

rules1 rules2 rules3


  1. Rollbacks are coming. ¡CORRA!

  2. The consumable required for the new destination, Refried Beans, proved to have tragic consequences for many players.

  3. "Nooooooooooo!!!! All my Kamis were on that server!"

  4. Look at the outhouse! I knew we shouldn't have ordered the burritos.


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