May 15, 2014

Mexico Boss Combo Breaker Coming Soon


Whenever there is a new Boss in Mafia Wars the number one question is “what are the combos?”, even when they are easy to get and the same for all players it’s asked non-stop. When they are more difficult to find and different for all players it becomes a little more tricky to answer. The Combo Breaker feature added to the Event Boss Fights was very helpful and many have been asking if it works for the Mexico Bosses. At this time it does not but Team Spockholm has been working hard and very soon it will be out. With 8 more district to be released and most likely 8 more Bosses to fight, this will come in very handy for those who use ammo instead of stamina. If you want to beta test, use the backup server and visit this Spockholm Forum thread for more details and/or feedback.



  1. With the anti-boss toolbar check box, really why, so much nicer playing without the random boss pooping up. maybe when the destination is complete, I may come back just for something to do, but its such a pain.

  2. Awesome... I thank you guys in advance


  4. if u HAVENT GOTTEN A BOSS IN DAYS, then it means u have to level up in districts.... got 3 in every level,.... 3 in bronze, 3 more in silver, in just got my first in gold.

    Btw, i can't get my combo breaker to work for Mexico boss.... it's it's 2.23, and it is from backup server, but it still says "Error while attacking: TypeError: Cannot read property 'stage_id' of undefined" everytime i started it again....


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