May 27, 2014

Mafia Wars Mexico Themed Thumbnail Icon


For most the life of Mafia Wars the thumbnail icon was a black ‘M’. It’s what we are most used to and then one day it suddenly changed to a close up of Auria Wilsons face [1]. That took a while to get used to and by the time we did they changed it to a red ‘M’ [1]. Today it has changed once again and is now a tri-colored green, white and red ‘M’ most likely to honor the new destination Mexico. I wish they would just leave this thing alone! Thanks to Rune Myhre for posting on our fan page.



  1. " I wish they would just leave this thing alone!" why so negative all the time?

    1. LOL I wish they would leave it alone too

    2. lol, it really messes with people who have have multiple tabs open. If only this were the only thing to be negative about we would all be pretty happy right now.

  2. 161K... peaked 181K... back to 163K... GO MEXICO what a win it was <3


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