May 28, 2014

Mafia Wars Email Gifts: Shoulder Boulder


In the beginning of April some accounts got emails from Mafia Wars offering a gift [1]. Lately it seems more players are getting these daily but I’m not sure how to trigger them. A few of my alternate accounts get them everyday but my main account doesn’t. Yesterday it was discovered by Sarah Georgina DarkMoon that one of the gift possibilities is a Shoulder Boulder. This item was added to the inventory in the middle of April and until now we didn’t know it’s purpose [1]. The stats make it worth checking your email to see if you are getting these. In order to get a loot item, you need to throw all caution to the wind and select ‘Mystery Gift’. Most will get boosts or Power Ups but some are luckier than others. The Energy Tonic isn’t a bad option to go if you want to play it safe. I’m not sure why only some and not all accounts are getting these. I checked my settings in Mafia Wars and Facebook and the ones on my alternate accounts getting these emails are no different than the ones on my main. If you have any ideas or want to share what gifts you have received, please comment. Thanks to all who posted on our fan page and to Shu Yun Zheng for sending me information on this.



  1. Is there any setting you need to turn on or something like with the notifications to get these?
    If so, what setting or where do i find it in the setting section?

    Checked yesterday in my email, i havent got anything yet, but i havent checked if i have blocked something so i cant get any emails from zynga.

  2. I started getting them 2 days ago and did nothing to start it

  3. I started getting the emails 2 days ago. I always pick mystery gift but both days I got the same gift, a couple 2x mastery boosts.

  4. I got this the past two days via email:

    I didn't notice it yesterday, and ignored it today, until I saw this post.

    I clicked on "Mystery Gift" on today's, and got 1 RP. I then found yesterday's, clicked on it, and got "1 Absinthe Shots" [sic.]

    (Both were x4 Ruthless, Kamikaze, Mystery Gift -- no Energy Tonic nor Arena Health)

  5. I started getting these emails about a week ago.. didn't know if I should click or what to do. Until today, I clicked and chose "Mystery" gift and received 1 RP

  6. I checked my Emails and had two in there , i clicked both and both gave me no time limit on them....:)

  7. Not getting any email gifts either


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