May 12, 2014

Mafia Wars Added to the Player Support Main Line-Up


When the Player Support site was introduced in September of 2012 we all were disappointed to see Mafia Wars grouped in with ‘Other Games” and you had to really search for access [1]. The exclusion of our game on the from page made us feel as if Mafia Wars wasn’t important to Zynga and many questioned its longevity. Finally Mafia Wars was added to the front and almost center of the site and this is great news. It’s still not available on for play but it is mentioned on the site [1].



  1. Not sure what you mean by not available from, it's actually rare that I play mafia wars on facebook anymore, yes, I have to link into it but I play at 99% of the time and really don't have any issues with the site or game play. ~Lonnie

    1. is their own platform. Mafia Wars is only available on the Facebook platform. Even if you don't load from Facebook, it's still connected. requires that you are logged into your facebook account. doesn't.


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