May 3, 2014

Killer Instinct Season 3


The 3rd season of the Killer Instinct Event is now available. This is a individual Arena Crest competitive event but you can’t beat up on our minis via the Private Arena option. We found from the 1st season that the strategies used for the Arena Supremacy events apply here except it’s best to use the 100 Arenas because maximize the Crests per stamina ratio is much higher. You are after Crests instead of a high score and the more Arenas you play in the more Crest earning opportunities you have. 750 Crests are needed for ruby mastery but there is also a competitive component and you could win up to 500 reward points. The leaderboard can be found in the Arena. The fact that this event is once again being offered instead of the Family Inheritance further supports the theory that Zynga may be done with old version of that event and if they bring it back it will most likely be modified to prevent the Private Arena trick to earn Crests. If your still working on the Slaughter Season the good news is you can kill 2 birds with one stone for 1 day only! If you ignore fighting events then you can carry on. A detailed walkthrough for this event can be found here.

ki2 Here is a more detailed view of the mastery items which unlike Ice and Slaughter Seasons you get as soon as mastery is achieved. arena1 arena2

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