May 9, 2014

Ice Board 15 Coming Soon


The show must go on and the release of Mexico doesn’t seem to have phased Zynga. The next event will be the 15th running of the Ice Board. The rewards which most of us won't get are shown below.

Family, Mafia or League Reward
Global Rewardice1 ice2


  1. Still wondering, is it possible if this is a family event that there will be a new family among the top 10 that family was not at least at the top 20 on previous events ? Or if it is a single player event still the same. We all see that the top 5 players do manage to ice thousands of times more than those below. Z is always rewarding the same players- families that's why the game will die sooner. I am not complaining but this will put off many. Z has to do some changes like the family business less members less times needed to complete tasks. A 10K stamina player can not be a 40K in ice so in order to increase stamina to 40K someone must spend hmm lets see, 30.000 stamina best case scenario 2X build this means 30.000 rps cost for 1000rp when at 50% discount is $115 =84euro . 30X115=$3450.

  2. Less is sometimes more, Zynga... FFS!


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