May 28, 2014

Family Ice Event 11


The 11th Family Ice Event event is now underway. This one works like the others before it (Arena ices count). Get 25,00 ices to earn a loot item for each member of your family. The top 10 families will get another loot item and/or skill points. If you aren’t one of the top 4 families then you will never know where you stand because there are only 4 spots on the leaderboard.

The rules and rewards can be found by clicking on the “View Rewards and Info” link. Although it isn’t stated in the icing explanation, Arena ices do count. If they didn’t, it would be a whole different leaderboard.
ice3Manual players hate these events because of the game interrupting popups while fighting. After 10 seasons of bitching about this, nothing has been done. Thankfully scripts are around to clean up the messes left by Zynga.
ice4Team Spockholm has a great solution and you can block these annoying and unnecessary popups. Just use the Streamline fighting feature in the Spockholm Mafia Toolbar. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. All the information that takes Zynga a large popup to convey is displayed in the lower left corner of the fight module screen. If you want to see the popup then just click on ‘Show Popup’.ice5
When you reach milestone ices of 300, 2,500, 6,000 and 25,000, all members will get a Nuclear Storm. You only get to keep the item with the highest stats. One thing that should be mentioned is you HAVE to collect the items. If you don’t you won’t get any. This becomes problematic at the end of the event. If a family masters the event on the last day, players who haven’t been online before the event expires will not get the loot. This is one of many things that should be changed with this event.
ice6ice7ice8 ice9
fice1fice2fice3fice4Upon mastery, families have the option to reset mastery for 1,000 reward points and this can only be done by the GM/GF or Underbosses. If they do, they will not lose progress on the leaderboard. They will automatically get the loot if they have passed the criteria to master the event a 2nd time. All players who aren’t in an admin role will see a ruby start instead of a reward point purchase button. ice10ice11
When the event expires, the rewards are passed out. In the beginning of these ice events, the top 3 families got a loot item plus skill points and the top 10 families get skill points. Because of a bug during the 5th Family Ice Event, the top 5 families have gotten loot items ever since.  The leaderboard loot reward is a Blaze Guard. the #1 family get a gold item, #2 gets a silver item and #3-5 get a bronze.
Below is a break down of how the last 6 leaderboard rewards worked.

Family Position Reward
1 +20 Skill Points/Gold Blaze Guard
2 +15 Skill Points/Silver Blaze Guard
3+10 Skill Points/Bronze Blaze Guard
4+10 Skill Points/Bronze Blaze Guard
5+10 Skill Points/Bronze Blaze Guard
6+5 Skill Points
7+5 Skill Points
8+5 Skill Points
9+5 Skill Points
10+5 Skill Points

The Ice Tracker is a community run leaderboard created by Team Spockholm (not yet updated at the time of this post).  It is only as good as its participants but can give some families an idea of where they stand. For instructions on how to use it, go here. The viewing link is shown below. Until it’s updated the results from the last event will show up.


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