May 7, 2014

Family Business 4 Day Extension


Families still working on the Family Business Mission will be happy to know that the timer has been extended by 4 days. It was the right thing for Zynga to do since the difficulty level was too high for the time allotted as not every family is full of high energy accounts. Those who have been ignoring it will get to do so for 4 more days. The event was supposed to expire tonight at 11:59:59 PDT but will now expire at the same time on Sunday.



  1. Kool so we will make it. It would be more helpful if the drop rate will be higher. We almost done with the last 2 tasks
    Loot 1540 Cape Barren Goose from Job:"Call for a Truce With the North Siders".
    Loot 1260 Trenched To Kill from Job: "Gain Access To The Disease Containment Chamber".

    BTW: Familysize was 40 now 39

  2. HAha... geez... hte power of this blog is AMAZING!!! Just complain some more about the drop rate and I'm sure Zynga will change it just for the families having problems - but it would be nive to see blogs about time exensions on other events... other meaning events OTHERS can't finish but YOU guys can... to be fair...I know a lot who can't finish an Ice Season in 7 days... why not extend the timer there by 4 days too?? No one will EVER blog about that, becasue those who are complaining about ths event can complete the Ice Season with both hands ond their backs and blind-folded... but this just shows the power of this site... too bad not all people are being heard nad helped getting time extensions... but at least now the HUGE accounts will be happy... and if in 4 days people aren't done yet... there's always a possibilty to complain again and get another 4 days :)

    But I hope this opens up doors for others to get help through this blog... as much as this event got - although I SERIOUSLY doubt it... sad day!

  3. I think its a sad day too, our family busted our butts to get it done on time and we finished it in 4 days, this is a game where not everyone can finish everything, This is what makes players and families stand out.

  4. We are a small family and worked very hard to finish this event. People used rps for consumables, stamina refills etc.. We paid attention and prepared by beefing up on energy and removing inactive members. It was obvious day 2 that this event was much harder than the last one and that was when there should have been an extension.. not now. It's really hard to be a small family and succeed at events.. guess we didn't really need to celebrate our accomplishment.

  5. I agree with previous posts. When Zynga has these special missions that require looting with consumables, they need to raise the drop rates both for the items looted and the consumables, to guaranteed 100% drop rates!

    1. That would be nice and cut back on all the worthless stuff that drops.

  6. pssst....need the arena event extended. I was in the hospital so only over halfway now. Add to that the glitches and wonky game play, looks impossible for an average medium player to finish. *cheesy grin*

  7. I'm happy for the families who finished. I don't know why so many have to be so ignorant about it though. You all assume those who didn't finish failed to plan ahead, not true. You assume if we didn't finish w didn't work hard enough or spend rps, also untrue. My family has worked their butts off to finish and even with the extension we can't. Zynga doesn't care when they set the requirements for this that many players are not to the appropriate districts to be able to help or do not have high energy. Those of us who do can't do the work of an entire family and thats what Zynga wants.You would think other players would get that but apparently not. I am not going to get rid of my lower levels who try. Get rid of the lower levels and the game ends, period. The higher levels do quit everyday and someone has to replace them, if not there goes the game.The fact that we worked so hard, spent so much and still can't finish is bad enough, I really don't want to hear from people who don't have enough heart to root on other families at least. The first 2 events like this we finished early. But when the loot won't drop no matter how hard you try and you need too many consumables there is only so much that can get done. We need 2310 geese and 1845 trenched to kill. Thats an excessively high number. Of course if I hear 1 more person say oh you need to recruit high energy people and get rid of people who don't help enough. I agree on the later, however some help as much as they can and I do tire of the excessively glib people. Recruiting is not that easy anymore and those who make silly comments about how a family should just go recruit are obviously ignorant of the realities of the game as it is now, Zynga is too I think but you would think the players would get it. We did our best and it is very frustrating not to get to the finish line. So for the families who finished great and if not, I know how you feel. But if all you are going to do is complain about things when you don't know what you are talking about and obviously are just the kind of people who can't feel compassion for others, screw you.


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