May 4, 2014

Exclusive Swag Rules Update


A few days ago Zynga released an updated version of the Stranger’s Swag feature. It’s now called Exclusive Swag and there appears to be some differences. Only 3 items are items are included and the stats are much better than before. With the old version you needed to catch the offer before it was pulled or changed. With the Exclusive Swag all 3 items have come and gone throughout the weekend but the maximum number of items players can get is 5. This means if you miss a posting you can wait for the next one. Once you have 5 items it seems to be the maximum. This is a welcome change for those who get upset when they miss a Stranger’s Swag but in the end it’s a nerf because it appears to be capped at 5. Maybe next weekend we can get 5 more. Exclusive Swag posts will only be made on this site once 5 more items can be gained.

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1 comment:

  1. Hmmm . . . so now we have layers of redundancy and lots of unnecessary posts and clicks. Since they have removed any competitive advantage in being an active/online player why don't they just give all players five of each and be done.


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