May 21, 2014

Daily Take Update: Mexico Property Parts Added


Three of the five parts required to upgrade the Mexico Properties have been added to the Daily Take. Unfortunately the Adobe Bricks are also Boss Fight rewards so we should already have plenty of those. Hopefully one of the property parts will soon be added to the Free Gift page like we saw in South Africa. Peso still have not been added to this feature. This is either an oversight or Zynga may want to keep it this way.



  1. Pesos might not be in free gifting (fine by me as it would probably me a measly 5), but you can get 100 from a blue mystery bag :D

  2. "This is either an oversight or Zynga may want to keep it this way" mmh yes, using my Columbo like powers of deduction I would agree, it must be one or the other.

  3. Adobe Bricks added to Daily Take is good, as you will run out of what you got from Boss Fights quickly. I have been upgrading my Hacienda and just 1/2 way thru upgrading it & ran out of Adobe Bricks, though I have completed all 15 rounds with the 3 bosses.


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