May 23, 2014

Buzz Craft Math


The Buzz Craft Event is only 2 days long which doesn’t leave much time for strategizing. Zynga presents us with instructions but many don’t read those sort of things. The big difference between Buzz Craft and Crafter’s Choice is you can’t go back and forth between building and upgrading. If you build an item in Buzz Craft, that’s it and the item is yours. Obviously we all would prefer the Gold over the Silver and Bronze items so you MUST upgrade first. The charts and images below compares how many parts are needed to get 6 Gold Shadow Reapers and how many parts you can acquire in a 48 hour time frame. Thanks to Shu Yun Zheng for helping me with this post.

If you build first you will also delay your opportunity to get 10 more parts. You need 5 parts to upgrade your item to silver and 10 more to upgrade it to gold. Each upgrade allows you to get 5 additional parts. Once you go from bronze to silver and then silver to gold you get to spam the news feeds with these beauties. If you simply built 5 bronze items, you would miss out on these, you would get 10 less parts and so would the bots. math1
You can build up to 6 items for the duration of the event. Gold items cost 7 parts to build so you would need 42 (in addition to the 15 required to upgrade) to get 6 of them.
When you build an item you get a popup and one of the spots on your tracker fills in. The goal would be to get all 6 spots with gold items but if you didn’t get enough parts you may have to settle towards the end of the event. I’ve decided to just be happy with at least 1 item.
You can’t buy parts and the only way to get them is by spamming the news feeds and clicking on spam generated by others.  You can ask for parts 3 times per day but only once every 8 hours. If you can manage this (many of us can’t without the aid of a bot), you will get 15 parts per day bringing the total to 30 for the event.
The next way to get parts is to click on all that spam made by others. You can get 9 parts from the ‘Ask’ requests and 3 part from upgrade requests bringing the total to 12 per day. This brings the total possible number of parts you can acquire for the duration of the event to 64 and the total number of parts needed to upgrade and build 6 gold items is 57.

Per Day Per Event
Asking 15 30
Upgrade Sharing -- 10
Clicking 12 24
Total 64
Upgrade 0 5 10
Build Per Item 5 6 7
Total Per 6 30 41 57

You can mix and match but once you upgrade you can’t go back and once you build you can’t upgrade. It’s best to figure out what you are capable of doing (due to time constraints and your style of play) and upgrade to where you think you would get the most advantage.
The best way to do this is to look at the equipment score differences between the items. A gold level item may be better but if you can only get 1 or 2 it may be better to stop upgrading at a level where you can get 6. The only problem with this is the items will become obsolete soon. I’m just going to go for gold and get as many as I can even though I know I won’t be able to get 6. The difference between a bonze and a gold item is only +13 and in the big picture means very little affect on your equipment score. In fact skipping this event entirely will only mean you miss out on about 3 or 4 hundred (if even that) points to your attack equipment score. This would have been a big deal 4 years ago but with average attack equipment scores totaling over 600,000, it’s a drop in the bucket.


  1. i upgraded 1st didnt get to re post and i can only collect 9 parts a day

  2. its a couple of pieces of loot soon to be swallowed up in a few weeks.
    go big or don't bother.
    Skills are the only thing to pursue FACT ;-)

  3. 1) deep respect for what your doin'
    2) cant see any pictures since maybe 2 weeks....

    1. Hi, thank you. Pictures on this blog or in the game? If it's the blog, try clearing your cache or change browsers. I haven't had any reports of this so it may be something on your end. Hope that works.

  4. the event was gone before i could even get a chance to build anything what a waste of time


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