Apr 23, 2014

Zynga First Quarter 2014 Earnings Announced


Today Zynga announced their 4th Quarter Earnings for 2014. They do this every 3 months and although they are still losing revenue compared to previous quarters, analysts and Zynga consider this a strong showing and expect them to start growing at some point in 2014. For a video discussion of what this all means go here. In other big news, Mark Pincus is changing roles again and will have even less responsibility over what happens in Zyngaland [1]. To view the entire slideshow that Zynga provided to their shareholders go here. Mafia Wars continues to remain bundled in with 'Other Online Games' (the red bar) so it's hard to say what these numbers mean for the the longevity of the game.


1 comment:

  1. Farmville moved to mobile and tablets, I hope Mafia Wars does the same. Would love to play on my iPhone or iPad!


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