Apr 25, 2014

The Don’s Gift: 30 Mega Slayers for VIP Subscribers


There is yet another type of gift floating around Mafia Wars. This one is called The Don’s Gift and this one is currently for VIP subscribers. Perhaps this will be the layout of future Welcome Back gifts as it never did make sense for daily players to be welcomed back. In order to get 30 Mega Slayers, I had to go to the VIP tab in the Marketplace and once I returned to the home page it popped up. With about 1 day left of the Swazi Smackdown Event, I would assume that most VIP subscribers have finished it days ago so this isn’t that helpful. The good news is these Mega Slayers are added to the queue even if you already have 50 so maybe they can be used for the next event of this type. Thanks to Peggy MacIntyre for posting on our fan page.

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