Apr 30, 2014

The 5th South Africa Property: Fact or Fiction?


When the 10th and final district of South Africa was released back in December the blank spot on the Property page was noted [1]. At the time we didn’t know if Zynga was going to add a property at a later time or if South Africa was only meant to have 4 properties. Four months have passed and we still don’t know the answer. With a new destination on the way, it doesn’t seem likely. Many were holding back on upgrading the first 2 useless properties in hopes that the mythical 5th property would offer something better than currency or consumables. By now many with that strategy in mind have given up and upgraded all the existing properties. I did too but I still collect the parts just in case. If all your South Africa properties are fully upgraded, you can’t ask for them in game but you can still get them by using the Link-a-Nator 2 Spocklet. Based on the requirements from the previous 4 properties, it can be assumed that if a new one magically appears the most one would need to fully upgrade it would be 81 of each of the 5 parts. Until I get there, I’m going to keep begging for 5 parts per day. I probably have all the time in the world to make this happen as it wouldn’t be unlike Zynga to insinuate that a property is coming soon. For more details on this topic as well as an upgrade chart, go here. Thanks to Angel Heart Sr. for bringing up this topic on our fan page.


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  1. This is probably in the same Development Department as the third Family Property. Hasn't that been "Coming Soon" for years now?? :)


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