Apr 29, 2014

Pessimistic & Crude Gestures


Zynga themselves created a game full of pessimistic players. I’m sure there are a few optimists out there who hope that Mexico will bring new and exciting things to Mafia Wars. Brazil, Chicago, London and South Africa all come from the same mold and it would be awesome to see something different. It’s hard to hope when the Mexico Pre-Release Event is full of negative connotations. The Pesomystic and Crew-D Gesture are a play on words but is Zynga trying to tell us something?  How many times have you seen the 3rd image below in your news feed made especially for them? This could be their way of giving you a crude gesture of their own. Although it’s not written, there was probably a special place in mind to shove the Zynga version of the Crude Gesture.



  1. Nice write up as always BUT COME ON! . You're looking far to deep. PESO=Coinage....CREW-d....? no not crude as you suggested, just simply that you need CREW....don't try and make Zynga more intelligent THAN(notice the context of than) they are......lolol

    1. lol, what does the 'D' stand for? I think it was intended but your view sounds plausible as well :)

  2. Zynga MW guys are anything but pessimists...having high hopes that their (hopefully also our) game will reap in $$$???, hence pesos –mystic (Mexican pesos not a strong currency, notwithstanding). Simpletons, yes, not crude...just hoping that players will partner with them on the crew to nowhere :P


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