Apr 24, 2014

News Feed Error Persists for Some Players


Today Zynga updated their post about the news feed issue and claimed it was fixed [1]. This may be true for some players but many are still reporting the issue. If your requests are still broke, there is a workaround provided by Team Spockholm. If your requests still aren't working, go here for instructions. The fix was added to the Spockholm Toolbar so there is no longer a need to manually add it. If it's not there, click the force reload link located in the Configuration Page.



  1. Force reload doesn't work, can't get the fix :(

  2. I didn't get Feed Fix the first time, either. But when I went back to Jen's post with my FB account active and clicked her link, then I got the feed added. Right-click-copy and paste-and-go in the FB window worked another account even better.

  3. I kinda wish it would stay broke and no fix available to force zyngas hand away from clogging up the feeds with the incessant begging that in my useless opinion is one of the top reasons (just below the barrage constant new shiny things released) people quit ~Lonnie


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