Apr 26, 2014

Final Day Notice: Swazi Smackdown


Today is the last full day to finish the Swazi Smackdown Boss Fight Event. Were the 5 new bosses shown below created just for this event or will we see them in the next destination? They are a diverse group of characters. The event had an odd release time so it will expire tomorrow at 6AM PDT.

Babe Brasher
Phoenix Nkomo
Alexi Ilari
Serenity Lee
Hendrik Severi


  1. Unfortunately Zynga cheated in this event. There are 24 combinations if all 4 consumables are used one time in a combo and 96 combinations if there is one consumable used 2 times in a combo. On my mini account I have try all those combos and get no RED. When I decided to spend 30 rps the combo was one that uses 1 of each consumable but since I have write down all combos when I manually used it it was not reviled.

    1. You should have used Boss Fighter2 and CCC combo

    2. I did use the boss fighter 2 no combos reviled either so I try the manual way :)

  2. My red combo for boss 4, Serenity Lee was not in your combo list that we put into the combo breaker.
    All other red ones was in that list of those 36 combos.

    My red combo for that boss was: Bottled Heat-Mega Slayer-Hawkhack-Mega Slayer

    Of course i can be wrong, but i cant see it there and it wasnt in the combo list as i know of, so for the next time you now have a new combo to add.

  3. For the boss fighter script, the one option called "Random consumables doesnt work, why is that?
    It would be much better if that option worked if you need to burn consumables and dont want to sit there and click on, well, random consumables.


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