Apr 24, 2014

Desperado Crates


Desperado Crates are now available in the Marketplace. This is the 90th Crate to be offered in Mafia Wars. The items inside these crates are shown below.

Desperado Crates normally cost 12 reward points each or 3 for 35. During Marketplace Promotions they are usually available for 8 or 9 reward points each. Once the next crates are released and there is a promotion they will be available for 6 reward points (unless Zynga changes something).
To see what’s inside these crates, click on the help mark.
Here is a closer look at the items. As always Crates are listed by their drop probability on the help page but that is different from the quality shown on the individual loot pages.



A post with the title Desperado wouldn’t be complete without this catchy tune (for those old enough to remember)!

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