Sep 26, 2011

Vengeance Boost To Level Up


When you run out of energy and stamina, there are many ways to get more. There are Energy or Power Packs every 8 hours, Fight Club Energy Refills every 18 hours, the Zynga Toolbar bonus every 8 hours, Stamina and Energy Boosts from Mystery Bags once every 24 hours, Energy and Stamina from collecting on your Refinery and Barracks in your Brazil Hold Out, Energy and Stamina rewards from the Crime Spree feature, potential Energy Boosts and Stamina Refills from Day 4 and 6 of the Daily Take, potential Energy Boosts and Stamina Refills from the daily E-mail Bonus. You can also get experience needed to level from the Family Progression feature, Mystery Bags, E-mail Bonuses and helping your friends with jobs in the news feeds. With all these possibilities, you can still come up short to level. In the example below, I need 1470 experience points to get to the next level. I would waste a lot of energy or stamina if I purchased a refill from the Marketplace so that's not a viable option.
In instances where all my resources to get free energy or stamina have been exhausted but buying a refill would be a waste, I purchase a Vengeance Boost for 3 Reward Points to get 10% of my Stamina Refilled. I certainly wouldn't buy one of these things to beat my opponent one time. Vengeance Boosts are not available directly in the Marketplace. The only way to buy one is to attack somebody and lose. When I want a Vengeance Boost, I go to the Hitlist and attack one of the targets towards the bottom. You can't attack them from the Hitlist so you need to click on their link and do a profile attack. For future use, you could also add a player you know you will lose to your Rivals List.
You can't attack them from the Hitlist so you need to click on their link and do a profile attack.
If you lose, the option to buy the Vengeance Boost will appear in the bottom right corner of the Fight Module.
You will automatically attack the target again. The Vengeance Boost will increase your attack skills by 200% for the one attack. It also refills your health and gives you a 10% Stamina Boost which is the only useful reason to buy one.
The attack boost was enough for me to win the automatic fight that I could care less about but you can see there is an error on my attack skills. They increased but not by 200%. Since I won the fight but my skill are still in red, it's safe to assume this is a display error. I didn't purchase the boost to win this fight anyways so it's not really a big deal. It's just something to add to the bugs list.
You can I got 581 stamina points and that was more than enough to level me up.
To ensure you level, make sure whatever action you are doing will provide a experience/stamina ratio to get there. If you pushing the envelope, the best way is to rob in the city that provides you with the best ratio and use a Rob Squad Boost. Activating your Brazil Scout bonus which now provides 3 times the experience for 3 Robbing Boards is also an option. Robbing in New York was enough for me in this example and I easily leveled
With full energy and stamina from the level up, I was able to keep playing for 3 Reward Points. I don't find myself in this position very often but when I do this little trick comes in handy.  Zynga played up this feature as a revenge seeker but this is a way to take something stupid and make it useful. I doubt that Fresh Pockets will even notice the supposed one attack revenge If he does, I doubt he would even care.

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Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. You can also use the fight crew in brazil and chicago which gives you 50 free attacks and doubles your attack to if you take both. Last time I checked it worked in both brazil and chicago. So basically 100 free attacks with double the attack skill if you use the two brazil and chicago crew. It's not much but every little helps when you need to level up.-Dioxin-

  2. This is why I love your blogs, always learn something new in this game and I've been playing for 2 years. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do for the Mafia Wars community.

  3. Another way that I use is to attack my main account with my energy, making sure both are in Brazil, can use this method up to about 2000 needed to level.

  4. Never even considered the option. Thank you for the great advice, Jennifer! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    ~ Frank

  5. Thank you eversomuch. I promise not to kill you for a month. :-)

  6. I cant get my Zynga Toolbar bonus!I dont know what happened!

  7. you should mention also the tournaments. there's a god stamina investment [10x] on the last one ^^

  8. Hi loot lady i noted there is a new top giftable weapon (Sinker 83/54) are there any other loot items or its just this?Hi loot lady i noted there is a new top giftable weapon (Sinker 83/54) are there any other loot items or its just this?

  9. Miguel Mendes will post tomorrow..... not tonoght

  10. If they would sell mini energy boosts (20-25% of your max energy) for 2 or 3RP, I'd bet they'd make a lot more money. I'd happily spend 10RP on energy -- just not all at once. As you've said before, it serves no strategic advantage to get a full energy refill when you are 500xp from the next level ~ that is, unless they decide to introduce some huge job that costs 5000 energy but pays out 10000. Then it might be worthwhile.


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