Aug 9, 2011

Family Progression: Estimates by Eike


In the current implementation of the Family Progress Module, Zynga just gives us the percentages, but not the absolute numbers of experience we need to level.

We worked hard to figure out the numbers behind the Family Progression Module. Now we have some more information, we can be sure until level 11.

L XP needed total this level Min days till next level
1 12500      12500       0.2
2 37500      25000       0.4
3 93750      56250       0.8
4 218750     125000      2.0
5 468750     250000      4.1
6 1031250    562500      9.3
7 2281250    1250000     20.6
8 4781250    2500000     41.0
9 10406250   5625000     93.0
10 18531250  8125000     134.0
11 29156250 10625000 175.3

Update 02/27 - Asses reached Level 10! Congratz!

Seems like Zynga changed the numbers for the high levels again. So really no pattern visible here!

What I definately consider unfair is the fact that the XP needed is regardless of family size. So a family with only 10 members would take 10x longer then a full family. My wish would be that this was somehow adjusted.

Thanks for Simyo and Esailija for helping me figure that out.

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Article written by Eike, part of Team Spockholm and co-writer to the MW Loot Lady Blog
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  1. How is it unfair for a smaller family? I get it, they are fewer, but consider the fact that you can create a family with 5 people and level to lvl10, get the perks and then expand the family to 100 with all perks in place. Now, is that fair?

  2. a small family may reach level 10 about the same time most will get the What's after trillion achievement, beating raven 100 times, colonize Mars. Nice...

  3. @Peter - 5 people would still take >100 days to complete if you reduce the XP by the family size. Right now a 5 people family will get level 10 after 8 years. Of course this may be an error in my estimation. We'll see that as soon as the 411 for the event is published.

  4. yep, needs to be adjusted, I'm in a family with only me and my friend, it will take us years to get to level 10 :)

  5. All the Haters, no matter how much they may believe that Spocklets are a form of "cheating", are currently down-loading this new BM...

    Thanks to Team Spockholm for their tools. Spock On!


  6. "Families with less members.."

    In every game that supports creating a family/clan/guild and that supports to get some advantages by their members activity ... in those games, if they are good, there is a rather low member limit(f.e. 100) and they are intended to be imbalanced. So get more active people in your family, otherwise you have to work harder with your current people ord you have to wait longer for better stuff ... FACT.

    Every MMO with guildfeature is EXACTLY made that way, you may know World of Warcraft. It would be just UNFAIR to let families with less members get the same stuff in the same time as big families. If the Crybaby families want to get it quicker ... well then get more members.

    100xRaven/Trillion Achievements ... That are/were actually good long-term playing achievements. 100xRaven was wiped by Crybabies, so don't support them, I hope it will come back, even if I would need years to complete it.

    1. I have been a member of at least 10 families, both big and small. One thing I can saw for sure ... I'm now the GM of a small family and would NEVER be the member of a large family again -- I don't care if it takes us 20 years to get through family progression! In every large family I've been part of, only a percentage were what I consider true daily players. The others were inactive, off doing their own things under the guise of a family, or just disconnected from the family in terms of communication. Forget a coordinated battle strategy! I'd much prefer to be in a small group of quality players working in a coordinated way than join a group of 100 who only can claim to possess a pulse at best. Don't confuse quantity with quality. Small families already have a handicap when it comes to upgrading family properties. But if you're at all familiar with the game, the rewards for upgrading properties are more "on paper" than anything. I've never seen any advantage of the extra att/def, nor have I seen a disadvantage in losing it.

      So I do believe small families have a right to gripe. Some families are small because they CHOOSE to be, not because they're too lazy to grow! Everyone who is contributing 100% daily to achieve gold rewards in all areas of family progression should have equal opportunity to progress at the same rate. Family size is irrelevant!

  7. Hmm, so much for the Zynga "level playing field" approach then.....

  8. One Question ... Do we get any Progression for buying NY Properties ... Downtown Hotel, Mega Casino et al ?

  9. I do not understand the Min days numbers - they do not follow any pattern. can they be explained further?

  10. Alittle confusing I think to everyone. I can understand each individual having to get the alloted 600xp points through jobs and fighting. Also possible helping (which is asking a lot). How they heck do you get xp for crafting NY items from upgraded properties; especially when most everyone's properties are already upgraded????

  11. you get xp for CRAFTING NY items [chop shop, ect.]

  12. Properties is easy - the levels of all the properties you craft from daily need to add up to 60 to get Gold XP level

    Helper is almost as easy - Accepting gifts, declaring war gets a fair chuck of it. Spinning Las Vegas slots of 20 of your mafia counts for a fair chunk too.


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