May 23, 2011

Where's The Ice?


The Put 'Em Ice Event has got the Zynga forums buzzing with activity today. For a very brief time period the event disappeared from the Home Page. This stressed out some players as they felt their current mastery would be reset. The event is back. Most players should have it now but some, including our own Mike Nestor, do not. Click the links below to keep track of where Zynga is on the very slow roll out.

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When the event first appeared on May 19th, we had over 11 days to complete it.
It's now May 23rd, players are still missing the event and and those who just got it aren't happy to see the timer is down almost 4 days from those players who got it right away. Those who don't have the event yet are worried there won't be enough time to finish it.
A few players contacted Customer Support over the weekend and were told that there was going to be an extension but this hasn't been verified anywhere. We should know more later today. I'm not sure why roll outs seem to be slower and slower lately. When you slap a timer on something, it's really not cool to those players on the ass end of the roll out.

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  1. I was told right from the start by CS that there would NOT be any extension for those that got it late - looks like that was correct

  2. Z common ways each and every time new event or mission rolled out, doesnt bother me nomore WTF

  3. i finally just got irt today and although on the homer page seeing my ice progress is nice it would be a whole lot better shown on the fight page where u actually ice people..

  4. okay Finally ice event is out for me just 7days 19h.. left to get 1000 ice's thanks Zynga

  5. I was told that there would be an extension by a CS rep via email & I have sent them a copy of it with a new ticket/complaint telling them that I do not like being blatantly lied to.

  6. i accept the fact that i wont be able to ice 1k on time, i dont care...LOL

  7. it'd be nice to everyone if Z extends the time. if they don't, i don't care because few months later the bonus loots will be another antique collections.


  9. I contacted last friday the support, was also told the time will extended. Today I finally got it, and time is not extended.

    I replied to the ticket that I was very angry about this and Zynga are big liers. It's not the first time having troubles with them. The original reply is included in my new reply.

    And then they wonder why people are hooking off the game.

  10. Finally got the game yesterday, and I only have 7d to complete it while the few that got it early got 11d. And yet another reason why this game is sucking!

  11. i have just finished the event from start to finish in.... 5 hours and guess what, you can replay the event for 60 rp

  12. heres a shot to show the replay otpion

  13. For those who are fustrated on getting it now and having less time to continue - the event was made a bit easier:
    1 level - 10 ices (same as everyone)
    2 level - 30 ices (same as everyone)
    3 level - 70 ices (100 originaly)
    4 level - 100 ices (200 originaly)
    special item, don't know yet but i am sure not 1000 ices definetely (working on level 4)

  14. <>

    AHAHAHAHA such a way with words, LOL!

  15. Ooops, I was trying to quote this: it's really not cool to those players on the ass end of the roll out.


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