May 22, 2011

Sneak Peek: Mafia Manager by Team Spockholm


Zynga does listen to our ideas and once and a while we will see things suggested by players appear in the game. It's very comical to see how Zynga can take a great idea and turn it into something useless. The best example of this is Trader Goh's Pawn Shop. Players wanted to be able to do something with their hard earned now useless loot items and Trader Goh really misses the boat.
Another player feedback idea that was implemented is the friend ladder. We wanted a better way to sort and search for our mafia members and we got it. The problem is that only 500 mafia members will be sorted so the search bar and sorting features are useless to those players with large mafias.
Team Spockholm has come up with the solution and soon you will be able to list ALL you mafia members in various categories on one page. The Mafia Manager bookmarklet can do some amazing things and is far superior to any tracking and sorting offered to us in the game. I don't want to give too much away but there are many categories and filters. The Mafia Manager is similar to the Inventory History bookmarklet as it will save prior loads so you can compare them to the current one. As soon as it's out of beta testing and published on the Spockholm site, I'll post all the details.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. This was one problem that was needed to be addressed as it is very difficult to promote ur mafia as it takes time to load a single page and if you have large mafia then it's history. i had avoided promoting as it takes time. so i am sure this new bookmarklet world ease my problem...
    i have been following ur blog and facebook fan page keep up the good work you had been doing....

  2. Jen, it would be awesome if the mafia manager has an option where you can delete all mafias of a particular level from your list.

    I personally have a lot of level 1-10 that no longer play that i need to delete and picking them one by one is sure gonna give me arthritis :)

  3. @Nomsy, you still need to unfriend them on fb. what i usually do is unfriend them manally on fb. Then use mw addon -> mafia wiper -> remove all.


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