May 22, 2011

Inventory Group by Team Spockholm


One of the cool things about having Martin, Pete and Eike in my War Help Group is they can usually make a script for any issue that is presented. For some reason, Zynga decided that we wouldn't want an easy way to see the war loot items in tiers other than the one we are on. Click the question mark to see the loot rewards, there are forward and back arrows.
The back arrow disappears when you click on it and the forward button gives you a "locked screen" so you can only see the rewards of one tier.
The only way to tell what items you have in the two other tiers is go to the inventory and search for them. Since there is no war category, the only way to do that is to know the name of the items and look for them one by one using the search bar.
Martin wrote the Inventory Group bookmarklet and it's the perfect solution to this problem. Follow the instructions below to see you war loot items.

1. Go to the Spockholm Mafia Tools Experimental Page and locate Inventory Groups.
2.  Click, drag and drop Inventory Groups to your bookmarklet toolbar.
3. From any unframed page, click on Inventory Group (from your bookmark) and wait a few seconds. The script will tell you how many items you have and how many you are using in your overall attack or defense scores. FHEL5 loot is also added in addition to war loot.
Now you can see where you stand in all three Warlord Tiers. Items you don't have show up in red.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. looks cool.
    operation rare items will be useful

  2. Tested it, works smooth. Good idea to make this tool. And it immediately askes for more (FHEL<5, building parts per city). I work a lot with the MW inventory. The new layout and the search feature are a BIG BIG improvement. But it still lacks some functionality. This tool fills some of that gap. Thanks scripting team!

  3. I go with anonymous, Operation loot is a good idea. Same goes for mission loot

  4. Operation loot/build parts can easily be added, use the Inventory Dumper,
    Track down the Item ids (they are the first column numbers in the popup) for the item in the group you want added. Give the list to us over at the Spockholm Fan page.

    If you want begging for build parts, check out the Property Manager.
    /Martin from Spockholm

  5. One small correction. The bookmarklet is on the BETA page. Link is

  6. who can i adress if i can't access my inventory?

  7. It is located under spockholm tools beta tab :)

  8. no inventory group there,
    on expermetal page

  9. Moved to Beta page.

  10. Just curious, what does FHEL stand for?

  11. fighting high end loot ( aka currently the best loot drops you get when winning fights

  12. Thankyou for explaining what FHEL stands for. I have seen it on the home page and didn't have a clue as to what it meant. I am so glad and appreciative for your website and all the great info you work so hard with of course your contributors adding to the facts and all of ya'lls hard work on this what once was a fairly follow the rules and do the work game and has now become a mess of tasks piled up on top of each other that makes it almost impossible to do-much less keep straight. You are a liferope in this quigmire and we are all grateful for your and your coleages hard work.LisaCoyote Gramling

  13. Thank you for explaining the spocklet and thanks team spockholm for making the inventory group bookmark.Also-I'm so glad to know what FHEL means.Like others I've talked to-we see it but didn't know what it meant.LisaCoyote

  14. I refreshed this spocklet to see if London loot would be added already... so not yet. but in meantime I noticed that in 'epicbossfight' the loot for Lily isn't added either...
    is this spocklet still being updated by Spockholm?

  15. As this was the only easy way to view war loot it would be great to see this bookmarklet updated with the newer War tiers and London loot etc.


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