Jun 14, 2010

Mafia Wars Game Cards


I do buy reward points on occasion.  For some reason, nobody likes to admit this.  I'm also guilty of lying about it.  [LAW] ≡ Frank White ≡ is responsible for my Mafia Wars addiction.  In October of 2009 he convinced me to give the game a try.  I've been hooked ever since.  He called me one day and wanted to know how I became a higher level than he was and pointed out that he had been playing much longer than me.  He asked, "Have you been buying Godfather Points?", I replied with a sheepish "Noooo".  I wouldn't call myself a Credit Card Player, but I do buy a few Reward Points every now and then.  It can be very difficult to make these purchases with a credit card or pay pal account because of the paper trail. The credit card statements and pay pal history logs clearly state Mafia Wars or Zynga Game Network, Inc on them.  If these statements are discovered by a significant other, telling him or her that you do not buy reward points doesn't work.  At this point, justification is the only option.  My 9 year old Nephew has spent hundreds on PS3 and XBOX games so why is it a bad thing for me to spend money on a game?  I'm sure many of you have came up with even better analogies.
You can easily buy reward points with cash or conceal them from appearing on your statements by purchasing a game card at participating stores in the US, Canada, and England.
First you need to locate a store where the game cards are sold.  I made a trip to Best Buy in Las Vegas and hunted them down.  There were hundreds of game cards for all kinds of games.  It made me question my loyalty to Mafia Wars.  I wondered if all these other games were also managed by developers who were enemies to their players.  As tempted as I was to grab The Disney Club Penguin Card, I went ahead and chose Mafia Wars.  Unlike the 7-11 Game Codes, The Mafia Wars Game Card has to be activated at the register.  They come in $10 and $25 dollar increments.  I decided to buy the $10 one and donate $15 to one of the great script writers.  I'm limiting my Reward Point purchases until Zynga stops all the craziness they have been throwing at us and fixes the current game problems.
When I got home, I logged into my Mafia Wars Account and went to the help drop bar located in the upper right hand corner of the page.  I clicked on "Games Cards".  I was directed to a screen to log in my code located on the back of my game card.  Once I entered this code, I entered the value of my card and clicked on redeem card.  I was congratulated by Zynga and given a Big Bad Wolf (42/25).  The Reward Points were immediately available in my account.

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  1. I understand there are several varieties of GC. $10,$20,$25,$50. I believe some are only purchased online via Zynga. Can you find out which options give how many RP? It doesn't list that info on the Zynga site.


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