May 19, 2011

Reallocate Skill Points


UPDATE: You can reallocate skill points once every 4 hours instead of once per day. This is due to an update by Zynga.
If you go to the Marketplace, you will find a new option in the Stats Tab. We can now use Reward Points to reallocate Skill Points. You can buy a 10 or 50 Skill Point package for 10 or 50 Reward Points.
In the example below, I'm using the 10 Reward Point option. Here are my stats before beginning the process. I decided to swap Health Points for Stamina Points.
Click on the "Purchase for 10 Reward Points" button from the screen above then click on which statistic you want to remove Skill Points from. Make sure you click on the "10 for 10 skill" button and not the "Go to Profile" button. It's also important to make sure you click on the stat that you want to take Points away from and not the one you want to add to.
After (not before) you see your points were successfully allocated, click on "Go to Profile".
Now you will see your 10 Skill Points ready to be placed where ever you want them. I put mine in Stamina.
One may ask why anybody would spend Reward Points to allocated them when you could just buy them outright and have even more. The answer is simple. We get too many Health Points in the game and you probably have excess that you don't need. If you do then this reallocating is a better deal. In the example above, I spent 10 Reward Points to get 10 Skill Points added to my Stamina. That's 1 Reward Point per Stamina Point. If I bought a crafting timer speed up to get 6 Stamina Points, I would spend 12 Reward Points. That 2 Reward Points per 1 Stamina Point.
I could buy 4 Skill Points for 14 Rewards Points and that's an even worse deal. I would spend 3.5 Reward Points per Stamina Point doing it this way.
If you look very closely at the fine print in the success image shown above, there are caps to how low you can make one of your stats. You can't reduce a stat below it's starting value. The lower limits are Energy 30, Stamina 3, Health 100, Attack 15 and Defense 15. It also says you can only reallocate one stat per day.
They must mean one 10 RP and one 50 RP reallocation a day because I was able to take from my Heath and add to my Stamina both times.
We can only use the 10 Reward Point and the 50 Reward Point option once a day. So we reallocate 60 Skill Points once a day. If you have extra health that you don't want, there isn't a better deal than this. It says "Limited time only!" and there is no word on how long this option will be around. Zynga limited time could mean anything.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. Pretty funny when somebody asked this during the zynga broadcast cole was all like oh no it will imbalance the game and is too much work. Now that theres money to be made, look for this test run to be made a permanent feature. Once they figure out it's costing them money by crippling the income from the sped up builds, look for the price to increase.

  2. Lol Zynga guys are crazy... This is not an offer is a ripoff!

  3. Burning my RP points now!
    1:1 better than other options!
    ATTACk here I come!


  4. I would say there will have SO MANY ppl ripping themselves off reallocating skill points they put it back again, and again if not make it permanent.

  5. Instead of building via weapon depot for extra attk / defense now for 80 RP [ 30(12 per speedup *2.5 =30RP = 50 health point stats) + 50 to reallocate] = 50 attk/ defense
    Previous method was building with weapons depot where at best you were getting 12 rp speedup for +6 if you had the special parts.
    Look for people to get a lot less healthy... and a lot more tough with this change :)

    To make it as simple as possible, to get stats (other than health) your best conversion before was 12 RP : 6 Stats (2RP/stat). Now its 80:50 (1.6 RP/ Stat)

    Please clarify the conversions for people so they know to take advantage of this offer... they are seriously missing out if they dont! :(

    Normally I am hesitant to speak in absolutes and tell people they are wrong when I am unsure of the answer myself, but if you think this is a stupid feature / zynga is money grubbing, or whatever other reason you pose to not take advantage of this offer... you are flat out WRONG.

  6. Well, there're bad mathematics in this post. For 12 RP I can buy 6 NEW stamina point, so I get 1 stamina for 2 RP (12/6 = 2). But if I reallocate I don't get any NEW point, so I spend 10 or 50 RP for noting: 10/0 or 50/0 is mathematically undefinied!

  7. Mathematics appear to be bad when you don't read the post. I stated this applies to players who have too much health (yes there is such a thing). It can be a benefit to decrease your health so you aren't actually getting 10/0 and 50/0. If you want a lot of health then the mathematics don't apply to you. It's the best deal in town for those who spend their Reward Points on Skill Points and understand the game. Keep buying your energy or stamina refills (you can get 5 for 50 Reward Points) if you don't get it.

  8. This is the only situation i see worthy of doing this. If you are at a health number you are comfortable with, you can add 20 health per day (18 hrs technically) from the zoo OR you can build AT MOST +3 att/def. So over the course of 5 days, you can add 100 NEW health that, if you are comfortable with your health amount, you do not need. So, then you reallocate that 100 health to att/def/stam/energy for 100 RPs. If you wanted to add the same amount of att/def/energy/stam from one of the NY Shops, you would have to spend twice as many RPs:

    100 Stam / 6 (each build) = 16.67
    16.67 * 12 (RPs) = 199.99 or 200 RPs

    So therefore, if you do it through your health building on just the normal basis, it is CHEAPER and they are NEW SPs.

  9. looks like they have disabled/taken this feature away.

  10. Yup, I was able to take advantage of it yesterday and now it's gone. Yeah boy, "limited time" was right.

  11. Basically Zynga might realize they lost in that offer.

  12. This is all well and good if you have the RP's at all, but if you are like me and never have any above 20 RP's this is a pile of [#@**^!!]. I seem to go to help someone on the home page and Zynga makes sure that all the buttons on the next flash up page are lined up just right that when the page just changes faster then normal, You just bought something you did not want and you just lost all your RP's! This happens every time you do not palze the section!

  13. There is no such thing as too much health....

    1. wrong....too much health means a lot more hits on you....many do not know how to play. we all get iced but i believe in "damage control" meaning, my win/loss ratio is over 90% win. looking at many player's stats , i see a loss/win ratio being average or think about it

  14. if you buy things from clicking on the buy option, complain to support and tell them what happened, I received 20 rp back from boss fight consumables that I didn't mean to buy. Just waiting on response for health and energy packs I bought for RPS because of pop ups landing on play buttons as posted by anonymous earlier.

  15. gready zynga that is all i say

  16. well...
    this offer is only for realocate ur skill.. which skill u want to realocate
    JUST FOR REALOCATE ....... just IT ....

  17. i cant f**ng find it. i won 50rp from slots and want to spend them!!!

  18. I finally got to do the realoactions, yeah, save your rps. You spend them only to move what you already have, which I knew before but just felt the need to do it

  19. i am very happy to relocate health points to def...keeps the lower lvls off my back

    1. i liked it when i first signed up for the VIP.......back then, you could get 100 reallocation points........then due to Facebook error, I lost out on my VIP acct. and had to start over-(am still not happy about that), when i came back, the 100 allocation point option was gone.........all there is now is 50 and 10.......that really sucks.........cuz i planned on shifting most of mine to Defend Skill Pts..........cuz im just getting killed way too much at MaFIA Wars.......and Defend Skill Pts is the way to stop that.


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