May 19, 2011

Ice Mastery Challenge Walk Through


Finally an event for the fighters. I think players will enjoy this one as it plays off of game functions we would be doing anyways. There is very little spam involved and it's happening at a time when people are working on maxing out on Fighting High End Loot 5 (FHEL5) items. Find the Ice Mastery Challenge on your Current Event Home Page Module.
Click on "View All Reward" to learn more about the rewards.
If you follow this blog, the special loot items shouldn't be a surprise. There is a level mastery item called the Tundra Tiger that will change stats as you progress to the Ruby Level of mastery.
There is a special Diamond Level of mastery and you will get a secret loot item for reaching 1,000 ices. This isn't a surprise either as I already let the cat out of the bag. The Talking Stalk can't keep a secret! If Zynga wants to keep a loot item under wraps, they shouldn't put it in the inventory. They also should refrain from making an outline of the item in the spot with all the question marks!
If you aren't sure what the definition of an ice is, don't worry. Zynga clearly defines it for you.
To begin, click on "Go Fight" from any screen or simply go to your fight list. The destination you fight in doesn't matter. All you need to do is ice people. This may take a while because as you can see, there aren't that many living targets on the fight list.
When you get your fist ice, you will notice the ice popup has changed. You need a total of 10 ices to get Bronze Mastery.
I'm certainly not going to manually ice 1,000 players so I decided to run Brawler. Because the ice popup changed, Brawler is not logging your ices but you still get credit for them.
When I went back to my Home Page, my ice mastery bar was full and I was able to collect the mastery loot item.
Click "Collect" get your Bronze Tundra Tiger.
The only spam in this event is optional. Click on "Share" to let your mafia know what you did. The spam is useless because when players click on "Go Fight", they are directed to their Fight Page.
The number of ices you need to reach the next level go up exponentially. Ten are needed for the Bronze Level, 30 for Silver, 100 for Gold and 200 for Ruby. Each ice popup will tell you where you are and how many ices you need to get to the next level. It's been confirmed that carry over ices will count towards the next level of mastery if you forget to collect you mastery loot item.
I'm currently working on 1,000 ices and will post the reward once I get there.
Adeline got the first 340 ices and got a manual ice popup. You can see the next reward and how many ices you need to get it. If people wonder what Zynga's stance on scripts is, this should answer their question. I would call this more of a Brawler Event than a fighting event. 1,000 ices in 12 days is a lot to ask of players unless of course they use Brawler.
Now for the best part. Notice on the Home Page Module it says "Fighting Updates Coming Soon!". These changes were presented to the PAC and we were able to provide some input. I can't say yet what the changes are going to be but they should help improve the fighting experience. Most things we have complained about should be corrected with the new fight module.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. Why do I have to lose so bad and a lot of money just to get one or two icings per 1,000 skill points?

  2. thrilled to see the new fight updates and thrilled to hear chester whinning about ice in the next info podcast :p ...

  3. LOL...
    ZYNGA, how can i ice 1000 opponents in 12 days?

  4. I can definitely ice 1000 opponents in 12 days. I just logged on 40 minutes ago and have almost 100 so far. It's nice to finally have an event that not everyone will finish.

    BTW, you do NOT have to collect the reward before the next ices start counting. I got to 70 before collecting anything and was able to pick up the bronze and then click again to claim the silver.

  5. dear anonymous, what level are you at?
    by the way im only level 400...

  6. Thank you so much. I was hoping someone would clarify that. I think my timing was too perfect for checking that as I had the exact number needed on two occasions. Made the edit.

  7. Did not answer, but figure does not matter which country you are in?

    Only way to get 1000iced recognised is to play again and use 60RP again again???????


  8. 84 ice X 12 = 1008
    so try to make at least 84 ice per day and it wont be hard to finish. plus in the brawler set amount of times to hit a person you dont wana wast your stamina on people with huge health to just get 1 ice. just some tips

  9. ^^^^
    thank you anonymous...

  10. Has the Put em on Ice event been rolled out to catch those players using Brawler? I think it is the perfect way to do it, how many people could Ice 1000 people in the correct method ?

  11. im level 460 and will be happy to ice 100..everytime i go fight all i can see are high stats are not so bad..if i attack lvl on my range..1 to 5 attacks and they just vanish..high lvl are prying on us...zynga should fix this first before putting a new icing game

  12. hehehe this is gonna be a real far wasted 500 stamina and didnt ice a single one lmao..everyones iced allready hehehe

  13. this event benefits high level members...
    and the little ones will be shark feeds...LOL

  14. well i was mistaken..brwler isnt logging the ices..just read the post better and loot lady mentions it as well..allready at silver.

  15. Lvl 992, Used 5000 stamina for 15 ices. This is going to be hard

  16. 5000 stam for 15 ices...LOL

  17. For this, it's probably best to uncheck "Attack only if Cash from same city" as we are going for ices not loot...

  18. no problem, its easy 4 low level players under level 100 like me ;-)i can win an icing per 5 spent stamina. There r alot of inactive opponents so the fighters on the list r mostly "fresh" recovered (a little over 20 health) - u need only few clicks to kill!! can do it in a day, hihihi - did u tried to ice low-level-players manually by checking profiles from friends of ur friends???
    enjoy :-)C

  19. i've spent 5.3k stamina ad already got 105 ices may be next ...

  20. Hasn't even shown up on my home page as usual Zynga has screwed up by giving me less time than other players....

  21. the event has started n will end end on 31 may.....i still do not have....maybe zynga will give me this mission on 30 may.....what a bunch of bastards..."THE EVENT IS BEING ROLLED OUT SLOWLY" like the secret stash.

  22. Better to get Ices in Brazil or Italy? I'd think in Italy you'd have x5 the stamina attacks to try to get ices.

  23. If you think about it, there is a really easy way to get this achievement.
    I'll hint a bit:
    Use attackx beta
    THE Don S

  24. In the "for whatever it's worth" department, Zynga *still* hasn't finished their "SLOW" roll out. I just hope for those of us on the SLOW (read LOSING) end of this deal that we get as much extra time to FINISH the achievement as Zynga kept from is STARTING it.


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