Mar 13, 2011

Fight List and Spreadsheet Instructions For St.Patricks Mock War by RebelMan


Prior to the start of the Mock War everyone will be given a choice to run the War Machine Spocklet, which is an in-game Fightlist or you can use a regular spreadsheet. Both ways will be posted for you to choose before the Mock starts. So I wanted to just give you an idea on how they work, especially for those that have never done a mock war or used a spreadsheet. These will not be posted until the start of the Mock War.

War Machine
Once the War Machine is posted on the St.Patricks Mock War Fan Page, it will be used just like any other Spocklet aka. Bookmarklet. If your unfamiliar on using them, please refer to the blog post Here on how to install and use them.
One you have it installed and ready, simply load Mafia Wars and run the Spocklet one time to unframe the game. Once it is unframed, run the Spocklet again and that will load the War Machine.
Once you have it loaded you will see a screen similar to the image below on the left side of your game, Here you will see your team name. Click on the drop down arrow and select St. Patrick's Day Mock.

After selecting the Mock, the list of all the players on the opposite team will then load up.
From here there are several options you can change to how the Fightlist will show to you. First hover your mouse over the area as shown in image, and that will expand the area to show a name filter and level filter. It may load prefilled out with levels, so just click the x beside that and it will clear that field if you want to enter differnet levels.
The First field that is labeled "Filter" will allow you to search for a certain name or family tag that you may want to attack. As an example I entered Spockholm and that brought every player that i could attack that had that in their name or tag.
The second field "From Level" is for you to enter the level of players that you would like to fight against and it will sort them out and only show you those players within that range.
Now for the areas with the Yellow Links labeled "Click" and "Sort". First we will talk about "Click", there you will see it says profile in yellow, you can click that and it will change from Profile, Attack and Powerattack.
If you have it set on Profile, when you click on a players name in the fightlist, it will take you straight to their MW profile. If you set it for Attack, when you click on the players name, it will switch to their profile and attack one time. Now if you set it for Powerattack, when you click on the players name, it will change to their profile and do a powerattack of 5 hits if they are alive, if they are dead, of course it will only hit one time.
 Attack and Powerattack
Now for the "Sort"" Options.  Name, Team, Level and State. Depending on what you have that set at is how it will sort the Fightlist.
 If you have it showing "Name", it will sort them alpabetically and by symbol. Having "Level" selected will sort them by their level, which is probably the main one that is used. Selecting "Team" will do nothing in this Mock because there is only 2 teams total, and  this option only works with 3 or more teams. "State" option is still under development.

Spreadsheets are simple and what most families use. It is simply a list of the opposing family with their name, level and a link to their MW page. Below is what they will look like for this Mock.
All you have to do is click on the MWURL link beside their name and it will load their MW profile page in another tab/window for you to attack them from.
Things  are always subject to change because Spockholm is working really hard on this to get it ready for the day of the event.

We hope everyone enjoys the Mock and has FUN !!!  Dont forget to invite all your friends.

Article written by Mike Nestor, Admin of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Cre Member of The Informant Podcast.
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. Since this will be my first Mock War, I'd like to know how we will be notified when the war is ready to begin. Will you be posting a blog entry to let us know? Thanks! It's going to be fun!!!

  2. Is this an automation software, bot, hack, or mod?
    Is it modify or intefere with Service?
    CHEATING AND HACKING - You agree that you will not, under any circumstances:

    * d. Use cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with the Service, any Zynga Game or any Zynga game experience;
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  4. Nothing is automated, hacked or modded. Its the same as if you use the external spreadsheet, just that you won't have to change tabs or windows. And you are still free to use the external page.

  5. Chris "[MIG]noobasaurus"March 14, 2011 at 3:43 AM

    @mafia Zynga asked Chester from MIG to host this, you think they'd allow this sort of spocklet if it wasn't OK??? pretty sure they'll be watching closely to see how this goes.

  6. And what about Brawler?
    Is that count?

  7. Thank you for both the overview and detailed explanations. Very helpful to a 1st timer. Much appreciated and am looking forward to this expanded Mafia Wars experience approved by Zynga.

  8. 1. This is not going to get you banned and is not against the TOS. Zynga has seen what we are doing.
    2. DO NOT USE BRAWLER! During any War (Mock or not) it is obscene to use any attack based script.
    3. This Mock will start in 25 hrs from now. Which is 12:00PM Central (GMT-6)

    ~Chainsaw Chester

  9. St. Patrick’s Mock War Fan page.

    Registration How-to:

    Fight List and Spreadsheet Instructions

    If your unfamiliar on using bookmarklets, please refer to the blog post:

  10. Can you use Brawler on these wars?

  11. Now that the mock is over, perhaps a recap.
    I've looked at a lot of the blogs and maybe im missing something. I was seeing players with 10s of thousands of ices in their stats.
    I got the war machine list loaded fine (after a few tries) and I would select a player to attack, spent lot of time clicking the attack button without seeing anything but my stam and health go down. The players would turn green when attacked. Most often they would eventually just disappear off the list ( I am assuming that someone else got the ice and knocked them off after I had attacked 20 or 30 times). Twice they turned blue. Once I got an Iced splash to appear.
    This was after spending several hours and a couple thousand stam. So am I missing something here.
    The war machine seemed to fall behind if I clicked a lot,and then would keep running until I killed it and reloaded it.
    Was I getting ices and missing it? Did I need to focus more on one player and just stay on them, one click wait one more click wait, I tried power attacks or plain attacks and it didn't seem to make much difference.
    I guess I'm asking for an fighting/iceing FAQ or a little more detail on the war concept.
    Should I take this over to the informant podcast as it really isn't about loot?
    Aspiring icers want to know, perhaps Chester could chime in here.

  12. Icing someone is getting there health below 20, Whacking them is making there health to zero "0".
    Dont just stay on one player, you work the attack list. Find someone near your level and attack them till you ice or whack them. Hope this helps. Also try using the power attack.

  13. Can we use this with other SS and other wars? And is that a Google SS or what? I have a lot of fun in the war.

    Some people register to this war but they don't have any idea how to play in a war. So sad that they registered and later start crying


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