Jul 22, 2010

Reward Point Sale and Platinum Purchase Program


Zynga really wants us to buy Reward Points and is having a big one day sale.  It would have been nice to have more notice.  They sprung it on us through in game pop-ups and home page messages and banners.  According to the first post made by the Mafia Wars Fan Page it will last for 24 hours.  In the second post they said it's for a limited time only.  Maybe they will extend it.  One of my high roller mafia members informed me that the Zynga Platinum Purchase Program has them on sale at a rate of one dollar for 10 Reward Points.  A minimum purchase of $500.00 is required.  Wow, that's 5,000 Reward Points!  He is my go to guy whenever somebody makes me mad and I can't beat them.  He always delivers the Ice!

If you want to purchase Reward Points in bulk with large discounts on a regular basis, you should join the Platinum Purchase Program.  It was hard to find a lot of information out about this but you can contact Zynga at platinum@zynga.com. You can also contact Billing support for more details at +18007622530.  The program requires a minimum $500.00 purchase.  I found this e-mail on line written by Zynga to somebody who asked about the program.  It was written in February of this year so things may be a little different now.

Thank you for your interest in our new Platinum Purchase Program!

When you purchase under the Platinum Purchase Program you will receive a 20% discount on the best purchase price currently offered in game (promotional offers excluded.)
This program is currently only available for players of our Mafia Wars and Poker titles.

Platinum Purchasing eligibility requires a clean account and game play history and a $500 minimum purchase to participate.

Please note that we will be accepting bank wire transfers only. Electronic checks (ACH transfers), Western Union or any other money transfer services will not be accepted. Also, please note that if you are sending your wire internationally then in may take up to two days for your transfer to settle in our account. Once the transfer has settled we will grant your points within 3-5 business days.

If you are interested in participating in the Platinum Purchasing Program please respond to this email with your Social Network User ID (UID). We will then research your account to verify eligibility. If you are eligible for participation we will then provide you with further details.

Thanks for playing Zynga Games!
Zynga Customer Support


  1. wow... who has $500.00 to throw away now-a-days?

  2. Let me get this straight... you spend your real money on virtual points to use in a virtual world where you are given virtual achievements?

    Do you know how many people are starving to death _right now_ whose life would actually be saved with that money? Anyone who buys this is in serious need of a reality check.

  3. 21 million people are dead, injured or homeless because of flooding in Pakistan but you have money for imaginary property. Nice. What happens when Zynga shuts down your favorite games? You really think you'll own that imaginary gas station for the rest of your life?

  4. Shut up, Pakistan is not our responsibility. I'm not a CC player but if they want to spend their money, so be it.

  5. Great thing is.. IT'S not your money people are spending on these games.. it's their's .. SO STFU.. If you are so damn worried about Pakinstan you go take care of them and stay out of other's business!

  6. The above posts were probably made by zynga's minions. Its horrifying how many people are fooled by their money hungry schemes like "650 farmcash for $100, only for a limited time, hurry now!!!!". This is only taking advantage of people who are mentally weak, whatever they may claim about it being their business about how they spend their money. There are grown men who cling to this game like a daily vitamin supplement.

  7. I dunno. I like FarmVille. I haven't spent $500 on it over the time I've played - 1.5 years I think, but I could if I wanted to. It does seem utterly stupid to spend money we pretend is real on truly unreal goods, but I think some people would consider it an entertainment expense. My household spends nothing on movies and don't have or want a DVD player. I like to think we are socially conscious and against waste, but given the options of spending $500 on FarmVille (I would worry most about the payment option - wire transfer and potential additional fees) or sending $500 to feed people who are starving, or paying to visit a doctor, I think I would choose to buy the FV cash. Why? Because starving people need continuing resources. They need continuing income and their needs met every day. If I could give medical care to any member of my household for $500, to include MERELY A DIAGNOSIS and testing toward that, I would do that. However, the medical industry is a bigger fraud and waste than FarmVille could ever be, and there is no guarantee that the patient will even LIVE much less be diagnosed and properly treated. If I spent $500 on FarmVille, I would not be broke or bankrupt, and would not be a burden on my fellowmen because of having given every red cent earned by this household to a fraudulent medical industry.


  9. i spend money on mafia wars. why? because i can. if you are hurting for money that bad why dont you cut your internet. i dont see a problem ppl spend money every day on stuff. if you cant afford dont join. pretty simple isnt it. if you really sit back and think about it simply put if ur jobless why sit on facebook all day long and get out and find a job. i make 250k a year so $500 isnt much at all. i have no car payments i own my house out right. get a clue folks some of us out there have money.

  10. Zynga does not play fair at all. We in the USA pay 200.00 dollars for 1000 reward points. These 3rd world countries money goes a long way when buying reward points. Our 200.00 dollars may only be worth half or less in this world economy. Even up the playing field Zynga. You dont do anything for us. You dont even replace weapons you buy in Mafia Wars that you dont get when purchased. Take the money and run !!!!!

  11. כמה אני מקבל עבור 500 דולר ציפים לפוקר

  12. I read all this bullshit from who knows who. it's just a fucking GAME. Get used to it or get over it. If you don't like it to fucking BAD. If you like Great Spend your money or not, It's That easy. Play fare have fun and enjoy the game.

    BUT Please Don't set us up to be fucked over By Facebook for playing the game by adding friends then getting blocked for doing so. Talk to each other and get it worked out.........I will not be sending any money your way from now on. Too Bad , Fix the problem


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