Jul 29, 2010

How To Defeat Juliana 'Black Widow' Trieste


After many tries, I'm proud to say that I finally defeated Juliana 'Black Widow' Trieste, Las Vegas Disrict 3 Boss in the Ruby Level.  Many don't realize how difficult this task is because she is easily defeated in the other levels of mastery.  Since my article Las Vegas Boss Fights was posted, many of my mafia members have given me advice and helped me completely master District 3. (click on images to enlarge)
Before Asking For Help
After Asking For Help
I mentioned in the article that asking for help wasn't an option for me because my help requests for Boss Fights were not posting.  I found the solution to this problem on The Zynga Forum Boards.  Al Catraz suggested that those who are having posting issues remove the apostrophe before their name if they have one.  When I first started playing Mafia Wars, I added the apostrophe because I wanted more free gifts and figured if I was on top of the list I would get lots of them.  Silly me, I get too many now so I was happy to lose the apostrophe.  I jumped the gun and told Al that this didn't work as I was still having posting issues.  I should have been more patient because in about 24 hours my posts were working again.  Click HERE to read the entire thread or click on the images below to enlarge.

Once I was able to post for help, good things started to happen.  My mafia members were also fighting this boss and the next day I logged in and got a pop up telling me that ten people helped and Juliana was defeated.  I had a great Kodak moment but missed the opportunity to take a screen shot because I was excited and wasn't thinking about my blog.  I quickly hit the OK button to see if it was really true.  The next thing I got was the green "You Win" pop-up.  I was so happy and felt like a bad a$$ but really it was my mafia who made it possible.
One of my great mafia members and informants MrSimy0 beat the boss on his own.  He was so proud of his accomplishment that he made a video and posted it on youtube (actually he was proving to somebody that he did it without help or cheating).  It's cool to see that this is possible but MrSimy0 needs some cool back ground music added to this video.  Thanks for sharing this MrSimy0!

Another one of my mafia members Dimitri Ktos posted the following tip on his wall.
"TIP for beating the bosses in LV: open tab in MW NY, then open a fight in another tab. 1. hit the boss, then if your health gets to low, reheal in the next tab. Fight can take even 30 min ...and 15-30 reheals.....depending on your stats :)"/Dimitri Ktos

I tried this out and didn't have much luck.  I didn't spend a lot of time with it and moved on after trying it only once.  One of my mafia members sent me an inbox message asking about the boss fight so I gave her Dimitri's tip.  She tried and got the same results as me.  I know it works for Dimitri because his wall is filled with posts about defeating this boss.  He has been very nice to help others.  He was one of the ten people who helped me and I can't thank him enough.

"I tried the second window for the black widow - it didn't work - I was able to renew my health once and even though I was in NY it used up most of my Vegas money."/Diane Shiramizu., Loyal Mafia Member

Summary of what you need to defeat Juliana Trieste
1.  Ensure that you are at full health before you initiate the attack
2.  Click on the "Ask For Help" button and make the post for help.
3.  Be active in getting your stronger mafia members to help you.
Don't think that everyone will rush in and fight this boss for you.  It costs your mafia members 20 stamina and will most likely bring their health down to zero.   
4.  Use all of your boosts.
5.  Keep attacking on your own.  You need to be quick between attacks so her health doesn't regenerate.
6.  Do jobs to replenish your supply of Boss Fight boosts.  Never go into this fight without all ten of your health kits.

UPDATE, AUG 10, 2010:  Bossy Don of Top Mafia.Info made a post today with some more tips on taking out this boss.  Here is the post.  To read it on the Top Mafia.Info fan page so you can view all the comments, click HERE.  At this time there is a known glitch which prevents some players from helping with the Las Vegas boss fights.  Zynga is aware of the problem and they are working hard to fix it.  What a load of crap!
Boss Fights everyone is asking for Advice and tips and ideas on How to beat them, Well the Advice starts here

So far just about EVERYONE has had their 2 cents on How to finish a Boss, And lets be Honest u don't want to know HOW to beat A boss you want to know how to beat the 'Bitches' right?

Well I've been researching asking people to fight for me, asking others to fight there bosses and perform actions in a set order for me etc And now ill give you guys some Answers!

To fight the Bitches, there are a few important facts
IF YOU LEAVE THE CITY, RUN AWAY, SWAP JOB TIERS she Regens 25% Health, for Red that's not so bad 1K but for the Black Widow that's going to cause some problems at 5K a hit, its not something you want to see!

So Lesson 1 Stay PUT! you can do jobs in the same tier you can heal in Vegas but that's all your can do Anything else is a Pipe Dream! and she regens 25% after 5min (unconfirmed)

Lesson 2, Black Widow, Now she has eaten Many a Man in her time, and has pissed off many a woman as well. So this is when you ask all those People to give you a Hand, don't rush into it let others Help! I helped a energy account today who had been STUCK for 4 days on her, has spent over 50RP on energy and health refills and still lost!
She asked for help, then waited @ the screen for a Hour before starting the fight! So ask for help, go have dinner, come back and Shiv her ONCE if all is well in the world you might of won! if not you should be close! this is her Screen shot after dumping what consumables she had left into the boss! and Loot @ her MW name, you cant say she has a lot of attack or defence!

Lesson 2.5 If asking for Help didnt work Refer to Lesson 7

Lesson 3. Your stats Matter! Tasha Looty, is a LEVEL 10 Player yet she can take Black Widow down 5K By her self WITHOUT consumables! Sure her attack is 45 TIMES her Level so im not asking everyone to get that high, But the higher it is the better chance u have at beating a Boss

Lesson 4. Your Stats, and damage dealt, So far between both ends of the Scale (low level players with high attacks, and High level players with low attacks) everyone seems to be doing vastly different damage! So guys the only thing i can say is the highest amount of damage dealt I've seen is 600 so if your close, maybe more health or defence is the answer

Lesson 5. Your Henchmen, ask around your Mafia, try to find players with High Attack Skill (if it helps) and more importantly High health! I have someone as my Top Mafia that has 2K health, he can take a few hits by the Bitches which means I can get more hits in before Dying!

Lesson 6. Consumables, they are there to be Consumed! so far with the testing we have done, it doesn't matter if you use them all or just the stun guns it takes the same amount of energy to replace 10 stun guns as it does to replace all 40 consumables so USE them! If your planing on replenishing them, do so but stop when you have 10 stun guns as these are the Best at taking out a boss!

Lesson 7. If you have followed this far then Either You Suck or your Mafia Sucks, IF you suck buy some stats that will help with a Boss fight! Attack, Health Defence anything other then what your buying currently! If your Mafia Sucks BRIBE THEM! Ask around find 10 Larger Fighters, give them LOOT to help you, 2x10 Rail guns wont hurt you, BRIBE THEM TO HELP YOU WIN!

If all else fails go back to lesson 7

-Bossy Don


  1. How hard does she hit?
    Currently she one-shots me, I am at lvl230, have 140 health, 460 attack, 170 def.
    Does your friend that shot the video, have very high defense? He appears to be healing for quite more HP than he loses from being hit.
    Another question: where is the best place to replenish my stock of shivs/stunguns/medikits/grenades? Should I just do the first job in Apprentice level of NY? Tried that for a little while - all I got is a couple of medikits.

  2. I have 1200/1300 atk/def, 260 health at lvl 800 or so, and she takes only two shots to finish me (closer to 1.5 shots, to be more exact).

  3. This chick is KILLING me.. literally! After I ask for help.. do I just leave and come back later? Even when my mafia attacks her (it will say 10 of your mafia memebers attacked her and did x amount of damage) yet her health will still be 100%. What gives!!! I'm starting to think I lack the ability to ever beat her!

  4. i've remove that apo-whatever you call it and wait for more than 24 hours and still not about to post ask for help.. is there anything wrong with it?

  5. When you asked for help, did you attack until getting crushed or run away?

  6. I asked for help, attacked her until I got crushed and went about my business. The next day when I logged into my MW account, the pop-up that 10 people helped me was there and when I closed that, the pop-up that she was defeated appeared. I think the trick is to find somebody who can defeat her help you. 10 people who try but lose will do nothing because her health regenerates.

  7. After you are crushed- do you close the tab or click run away?

  8. This is Zynga messing people up again. I understand you don't want to make it too easy but this is ridiculous.

  9. I tried to ask for help, no bullshit in my name, and the whole game crashed (black screen). Now I cant ask for help (no option). Zynga sucks, lets try customer support. It's VERY fun..................................................................................

  10. Does anyone want to add me to help me kill this witch? Asked my mafia and they all seem to be woo'ses cause no one offered to help and I have 720 mafia grrrrrr Name is Jacqueline Paishon on FB and if you think you can get her please send a friend request with your level and att/def/ health..

  11. What do you mean nobody offered to help you? Give your people time, I just got your PM, and reading this thread right now. I don't know if I am strong enough, but I would certainly give it a try. Then you can help defeat this biotch with crazy high health!

    The biggest problem I see, is how are you going to prevent the weaker mafia from jumping in, when they see your post? If that happens, then the chance of defeating her as a team-effort may drop considerably! Also, you need to set a date & time, that those who have committed to help will be there.

  12. I do not get The ask for help button to appear when I fight her. And I have no Apostrophe in my name

  13. 1,055ATT

    I Still hit in the low 200, and lose.

  14. the guy that solo'd her must have 5k in each of those stats.

  15. Actually, here's what you can try (I'm getting ready for it): STUN her to death. Have 10 stun guns ready and another 10 (or more) received from members (Free Gifts). Use the first 10 and kick ass. then reload with gifts and try again. Obviously, ask for help etc. That way even if she regenerated 25% it may be enough. Unconfirmed, but logically it may work if you can hit hard enough.

  16. Hi! I'm L600+ with about 1600 attack 1300 defense, 430 health. I defeated Black Widow at Ruby level alone. I did it the following way:
    1. Have 10 stun guns ready. Use them up. Do NOT use health regeneration because she will regenerate as well. My attacks were about 650-750 each.
    2. Have enough stamina to re-attack plenty of times (around 300).
    3. You need to have enough Vegas cash for re-healing. I needed about 10 million. That means you need to build up your vault to at least 4 stars.
    4. Keep attacking, dying and healing. You should have 4 attacks each time (2 for your helpers and 2 with your health - you need about 380-400 health with my stats). That meant I hit her with about 7000 with 10 stun guns + about 2800 each re-healing session.

  17. i kill her without help

  18. I just killed the Black Widow at Ruby level - piece of cake compared to Big Lou. You don't need to use LV cash for health. Keep 2 tabs open, one in NY for healing, one in LV for attacking. When you're out of health in LV, switch to NY tab and buy health. Then switch back to LV tab, reload page by choosing LV on the city menu and start attacking again. I only used 5 stun guns.

  19. It seems Zynga has lowered the difficulty level. The bosses no longer reheal. I can go back and forth NY-LV to reheal and reattack without problem.

  20. 2 tabs open ??? like what google? Firefox?

  21. Zynga wants to create some game fun, well ffs this is too much.
    It's almost impossible if you don't have active mafia wars members :/
    just sux. I'll never be able to kill her. The old system where you could use all your boosts got me to take down 12.5k of her health. But than I ran out of boosts and she wacked me in 2 strikes. Zynga fix it -_-'

  22. Zynga is seriously glitched. I'm level 26 and a member asked for helped and it took me a while since I'm running with only 40 stamina but she never did any damage to me :) I used about 9 of my 10 stun guns a couple of shivs, a few grenades and some patience while waiting for the next stamina point but she lost... I guess I am just glad she didn't hit back.


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